Productive cities 1.- 2017

Europan Europe / Europan España


First Prize / Primer Premio


"Bazana Go!


de Producción Ecológica"


Participative Workshops with citizens in La Bazana, Extremadura, Spain.


Associate: Nicolás Gutierrez

Collaborators: Berta Calle, Marta Monzón, Jaime Cored

Europan 14, La Bazana, Virginia de Jorge Huertas

WINNER. DK427. BAZANA GO! This project adopts a strategy of sustainable growth around an ecological production cooperative, in the context of a hypothesis of production cooperatives at the pan‐European, national and local levels, in which La Bazana and three other colonization villages are the first developmental phase. The project assumes a growth of 150 inhabitants in 14 years, and criticizes the latest urban expansion which runs against Alejandro de la Sota’s original town plan. The project proposes the repair of the original village fabric, filling the urban voids and increasing the number of houses. Along with a series of small, sensitive 15 interventions in the urban fabric, a new "boundary" is proposed between the village and its valley, recovering the irrigation channels and transforming them into a landscaped space, alternating water lines with natural swimming pools that delimit the village and constitute a "gateway" to the countryside. The project is simple and, in physical terms, uses few resources. It also shows great respect for de la Sota’s original concept. The organic production framework for the region sounds feasible, and it seems like a good strategy. The gesture of a “water line” and its natural swimming pools would give the town a strong identification feature. The presentation is well synthesised and has a high standard, with clear, pithy texts and drawings with clean aesthetics.



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