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SCHINDLER competition 2013

3rd Prize Schindler.

Ideas competition. Local prize.

The project idea of ​​the need to regenerate urban spaces, revitalizing neighbourhoods from lacking public spaces, revaluing property, improving accessibility for all users, and, especially, for those with disabilities.

The use of the elevator is proposed as strategy regeneration of common spaces in buildings or complexes already built or consolidated. So with a small appropriation of public space you can get up activities economically in the most compact areas of the consolidated city, in this case in the district of Chamberi in the garages of Cuatro Caminos.

Therefore it aims to improve the accessibility and mobility of the chosen site and its immediate surroundings, creating continuous urban flows, generating spatial permeability and encouraging the use of disused garages with ships. Posing a continuing program adapted to changing needs of neighbourhood life and users who come temporarily, pass, or stay in it.


Rebeca De Jorge + Virginia De Jorge, 2012, Madrid.


Cocheras Cuatro Caminos, Virginia De Jorge, 2012, Madrid.

Virginia de Jorge Huertas
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Schindler 2_axon_low.jpg
Virginia de Jorge Huertas
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