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Intangible experiences designing a Hologram Museum with 20.000 Cubes above the Mediterranean Sea in an abandoned military fortress, Batteria di Capo d'Orso in Sardegna.

A museum born from a symphony of ancestral forms and going besides dualities.


Virginia De Jorge Huertas

Michele Di Maggio

Designed in 2018.

Presented at the Future Architecture Platform

Call for ideas 2020 edition.

The Looms and Threads of Sardinian artist Maria Lai inspire our reflection on the Grid. Our proposal wants to be halfway between unconscious creative action and the desire to render the project anonymous, considering its location in the Capo d’Orso military fortress, sculpted in Costa Smeralda (Italy).

It is conceived as a fully-fledged game. We look for the potential of the imagination as the ground for every process of learning and knowledge. The trace of the grid becomes an astronomical line, the path of an imaginary journey. A metaphor of the stars that were references for sailors and explorers in the Mediterranean Sea. We consider protagonists as Ptolemy (who used an Astrolabe to define it) or those who passed through all the adventurous battle to conquer it.

Along this imaginary journey, the technology of Oculus Rift helps visitors to visualize unknown tells of distant universes projecting it onto the wrecks of old boats and collecting distant elements in time and space.


BR (1).jpg
BR (3).jpg
BR (1).jpg

With a sharp and ironic gaze, the use of the most elementary forms (cubes and spheres) wants to call into question the recognizability of the shades in our memory: an exercise to see if the visitor recognizes himself/herself in the values that caused all conflicts held in the Mediterranean Sea. An invite to discover other worlds and to invent new cosmogonies

BR (4).jpg
BR (4).jpg
BR (5).jpg

Immaterial caravels inside a material fortress. An immaterial collection projected onto material boats’ wrecks

BR (5).jpg

The grid made by the cubes defines the space inside and outside the fortress: it symbolises an interior landscape that sees the creative act as a way to liaise with the people and things sourrounding the museum itself

BR (7).jpg

A sensory path distributed inside the spheres/bubbles with the goal of awake in the user a renewed sense of intimacy with respect to the beautiful environment surrounding her/him

BR (6).jpg
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