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EXPERIMENTAL | Sensitive landscapes

Micro trips (In progress)

Short micro-trips started in the Mediterranean water, sensitive landscapes over the last years.

Experimental Built 

This personal experimental project is about very light ephemeral micro-interventions in (water) landscapes and it began some time ago. This particular shot is about mountain landscapes. The temporal sequences take a back seat to represent landscapes that change beyond the temporal factor.  The idea of the mirror square is to generate a frame towards the social landscape, to frame it by means of its "narcissistic effect" duplication. The sequence of mirror landscapes is non-linear and their spontaneous encounter begins with five portable tools: a movable eye with a map, a square mirror, a notebook (Bitácora de viajes),  a pen, a camera, and a continuous search for a "viewpoint" in casual trips. 

(In the process of a mirror publication)



Descartes. Ocular research

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