"Estrategias de reactivación urbana en el poblado dirigida de Fuencarral"

Proyecto Final de Carrera - 2014



Calification: 10 - Matrícula de Honor.


Seleccionada a nivel nacional en "Designing the Future" entre 200 propuestas. 2015

Mención isARCH. 2015

Ponente en el IV congreso de Ciudades Creativas en UCM. Enero 2016


Tutor: Fernando Quesada López. Tutora Estructuras: Mónica Martínez Martínez


Poblado Dirigido de Fuencarral, Madrid, Spain. The “Poblado Dirigido de Fuencarral”, located north of Madrid, was built by Jose Luis Romany in 1960. The project is proposed at various scales; City Connection-Fuencarral Urban, hybridization of housings, topographic and ergonomic-accessible scale. The creation of two bands that connect the urban equipment originally raised in 1960. Both are designed to level 0 and based on the very topography of Fuencarral, which reaches vary around 10 m from one point to another of the neighborhood. Both bands are projected to have continuity with the equipment, now abandoned, reactivating it and creating activity in the neighborhood. These urban bands to carry with topographic elevation level height growth at certain points, in the form of prosthesis to create five types hybrid flexible housing with the highest unemployment and worst condition to revive the neighborhood and give it its life! 

The documentation shown here is a selection of the 24 DIN-A1 panels delivered. The full version in high resolution is at this link: PFC-AR 2015JOR 

Virginia de Jorge Huertas CV
Virginia de Jorge Huertas CV
Virginia de Jorge Huertas CV

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Revista Designing The Future, Número 7. Páginas: 20 -24.

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