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Taller Bazana is base on the creation of a collective experience to develop a common project with the citizens through participatory workshops (The first ones: "La Bazana Inicia" in 2018 and "La Bazana Avanza" in 2019). These two workshops, developed between 2018 and 2019, were the extension of the Europan 14 prizes in La Bazana, the First prize (Bazana Go!), and the Runner up (La Fábrica de Suelos) working together. The participatory workshops were done with the citizens (from kids to elders), in this case, seven days of full immersion workshop, also called "résidence d'architectes", a cultural project that creates the conditions for a meeting between a commissioned architect or groups of architects, accompanied by one or more other professionals, and populations, elected officials, inhabitants, local actors, on a given territory and in a given context.

Location:  La Bazana, Extremadura, Spain.

TALLER BAZANA (Architecture and Landscape):

Bazana GO!   +  La Fábrica de Suelos

Participatory workshops

Participants actors:

 La Bazana citizens (Aguasanta, Antonio Jr, Antonio Sr, Ricardo, Guadalupe, Reme, Tere, Rosa, Lola, Negri, Francisca, Andrés, Rafael, Esther, Raúl, Francisco, Ricardo, Loli, El Nene, Nicolás, Luisa, Josefi, . . . )

+ La Bazana School (Lola, Miguel, Isabel, Blanca, Maria, Alba, Aitana, Maria, Sergio, Jesús . . . )

+ Taller Bazana architecs:

Virginia De Jorge Huertas, Nicolás Gutiérrez and Adrien Picandet + Claire Vernhes from MEAT + Mónica and Esther + Municipality of Jerez de los Caballeros +

Junta de Extremadura  (Mª Angeles López Amado)

+  Europan España.

Video - Link with a summary of the workshop developed with the citizens, the architects and all the actors involved in the two different workshops: La Bazana Inicia (2018) and La Bazana Avanza (2019). Source: Short film of "La Bazana Inicia" in 2018, RTV JEREZ, 28 sept. 2018.


Some of the diagrams and constellations explaining the process in La Bazana presented at the Inter-Sessions Forum - Brussels (BE) Workshop EUROPAN 14 in Centre Bozar, Brussels 2018.


Future cooperative and ecological market with local food in La Sindical. Source: working handmade-drawings done for the exhibition and display to citizens in "La Sindical" in September 2018. "La Sindical" is the common meeting place in La Bazana.


Future project in order of appearance (from top to bottom in the drawing):


1) the frames to the landscape from the squares

2) the transversal pedestrian natural paths with fruit trees

3) the natural swimming pools in the existing water canal 

These three strategies, among others, are designed inside a "Masterplan" / "Plan Director". The strategies are proposed in order to create connections from La Bazana to the water landscapes (river, streams), recover existing urban and rural landscapes, and clean abandoned ecosystems together. Working handmade-drawing designed and show in the exhibition display to citizens in "La Sindical" in September 2018. "La Sindical" is the meeting place in La Bazana.

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